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Healthcare Plans in Marketplace Set To Triple on January 1st

November 28, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. - If you're having a hard time affording your healthcare through the government's Affordable Care Act marketplace now, then on January 1st, you might have to take out a second, or even a third, ...


Best Buy Posts Record-High Deaths During Black Friday Sales; ‘Best We’ve Ever Done’ Says CEO

November 24, 2017

DELUTH, Mississippi -  Best Buy Inc., the nation's largest electronics retailer that hasn't yet succumbed to Amazon, posted record high deaths during their annual Black Friday sales this morning. CEO Mark Chambers noted that in all ...


HIV Needles Are Being Placed on Gas Pump Handles – Over 40 People Already Infected

November 23, 2017

JACKSONVILLE, Florida -  Captain Abraham Sands of the Jacksonville, Florida Police Department released a statement cautioning people about a new, dangerous event that has been happening throughout the state. "I have been asked by state and local ...


The FDA and CDC Just CONFIRMED That Vaccines Cause Autism

November 23, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  There’s widespread and growing lack of confidence in the safety of vaccines. If you know anyone who still believes that vaccines can’t cause autism, you might want to show them this article. Take ...


New Poll Shows People Trust Flint, MI Tap Water More Than They Trust President Trump

October 31, 2017

DETROIT, Michigan -  A new survey released today from the prestigious Harvard College of Detroit shows that residents across the state rated Flint tap water higher on the ‘Trustworthiness’ scale than current President Donald Trump. In the study, they found ...


BREAKING: President Trump Hospitalized After Eating a Piece of Poisoned Halloween Candy

October 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Trump has reportedly been rushed to the emergency room after becoming extremely ill and vomiting after eating a piece of Halloween candy. White House officials and police are remaining tight-lipped, but an ...


Couple Arrested After Police Discover Over 20 Thousands Pounds of Marijuana in Home

October 31, 2017

CONCORD, New Hampshire - A New Hampshire couple has been arrested after an anonymous tip lead police to find nearly 20,000 pounds of marijuana in the home. Carl and Debbie Rutherberg, both 40, said that they had ...


Trump Sues Couple Who Name Their Son In His Honor

October 30, 2017

BOISE, Idaho -  Marissa and Alex Murphy of Idaho say they have been Donald Trump supporters "since the beginning," and are adamant that he will help to Make America Great Again. They are such strong fans ...

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