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Thousands Blinded By Solar Eclipse…Millions More Disappointed By Anticlimactic Event

August 21, 2017

As the solar eclipse moves across North America, emergency rooms are filling up across the nation. Although many warnings were issued to the public not to watch the eclipse without protective eyewear, many did not ...


Mother Says Playground Equipment Hurts Her Child’s Feelings And Needs To Be REMOVED

August 02, 2017

Redwood Falls, MN- Mother Candice Benner is suing Reede Gray Elementary School to install more handicap accessible equipment. Mrs. Benner says if they do not act soon she will tear the existing equipment out herself. “It’s bad ...


Cailtlyn Jenner Says She Is ‘Bored’ Being a Woman, Plans On Transitioning Back to Being ‘Bruce’

July 31, 2017

LOS ANGELES, California -  The world's most famous transgender person, and total obnoxious asshole Caitlyn Jenner, says that she has become "completely bored" being a woman, and thinks it's time that she transitions back to a ...

Weird News

Pastry Chef Accidentally Bakes Bachelor Cake With Stripper Inside

July 31, 2017

TAMPA, Florida -  A pastry chef in Tampa has been arrested on manslaughter charges after he accidentally baked a nude woman into a cake, say Tampa Police. According to police reports, chef Mario Blister was hired to ...


President Trump Admits Reason He Banned Transgenders From Serving Is Because He Has Begun Transitioning To a Woman

July 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  President Donald Trump has admitted that the real reason he banned transgenders in the military is because he has begun his transition into a woman, and said he was "scared" he might have ...


Misprinted ‘Pinkbacks’ Have Made It Into Circulation, and Collectors Are Paying THOUSANDS For Them!

July 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  A misprinted set of currency, being dubbed "pinkbacks" by collectors, in response to their tinted color, has made its way into everyday trade and banks, and collectors are picking them up for top ...


President Trump Has Invited O.J. Simpson To Visit The White House Upon His Release – You Won’t Believe Why!

July 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  President Trump has said that he plans to have convicted felon O.J. Simpson to the White House upon his release from prison, which should be sometime in October. Simpson, who has been in ...


Doctor Confirms That He Has Found a Cure For AIDS – But There’s a Slight Catch

July 31, 2017

BOSTON, Massachusetts -  A researcher at the prestigious Harvard School of Medicine has found a cure for HIV and AIDS - something that doctors have been working on for nearly 40 years. "It's actually really simple," said ...

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