Kraft Foods To Re-Brand ‘Kool-Aid Man’ Mascot to ‘Kool-Aid Person’ After Pressure From Left-Wing Groups

CHICAGO, Illinois –

Kraft Food Holdings, the parent company behind Kool-Aid Brands, has announced that their long-stand mascot, The Kool-Aid Man, will be modified to be the Kool-Aid Person starting early next year.

Extended pressure from left-wing groups, including The People’s Inclusion Group and Folks Against Transphobia have forced Kraft to retire their longtime mascot in favor of a more “progressive” and “politically correct” character.

“The Kool-Aid Man has been a staple of our brand since the 1950s, and we thought he’d be here for the long haul,” said Kraft spokesman Ruby Sugar. “Of course, when he was created back then, the world was a different place, and we never thought we’d have to make a judgement call about the fictional gender of a fictional mascot.”

The company said that the typical giant pitcher filled with red liquid would continue to look functionally the same, but that the character would also now appear sometimes in a dress, or with more “feminine” features, or will appear with other liquid colors, such as pink or purple – but will keep the same ‘OH YEAH!’ catchphrase it has always used.

“We are still going to keep it a pitcher of course, and we are still going to have it busting through walls,” said Sugar. “Of course, whenever we show the brick walls busting, that version of Kool-Aid Person will still have the more ‘masculine’ features, as it wouldn’t be as believable for a more feminine pitcher to be shattering through solid walls. Women aren’t usually strong enough for that.”

The change is expected in late Q1 of next year. Food collectors are already scrambling to get their hands on current packages displaying the Kool-Aid Man before the switch.



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