At 96 Heimlich Performs His Own Maneuver; Says ‘Life Is Complete’


Dr. Henry Heimlich, 96, used the Heimluch maneuver to save Patty Ris, 87, at Deupree House in Cincinnati, and the famous doctor says his life is now complete and he can die happy.

Dr.Heimlich didn’t hesitate. When a fellow diner started choking, the 96-year-old was ready to perform the maneuver that he invented. Perry Gaines, an employee of the Deupree House, who had in fact performed the Heimlich maneuver before, ran toward her table, eager to be a hero, but Dr. Heimlich pushed him out of the way.

“She was sitting in the chair and I turned her around and put my arms around her and pushed below the ribcage. After three compressions this piece of meat came out. It felt wonderful. I had been holding on for this moment, waiting on it my entire life, you could say. I wasn’t about to let some young stud take my moment,” Dr. Heimlich said, referring to the employee who tried to get between him and his moment of glory. “It is a culmination of my life’s work. Now I can die happy…and I have quite a bit of money from Heimlich maneuver royalties, so if anyone can refer me to a nice Kevorkian, I’d tip well. Being this old is worse than I could have imagined. Really I was not doing Patty any favors, saving her life. ”



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