Creator Of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Reveals Series Ending On Instagram

LOS ANGELES, California – Creator Of 'Sons of Anarchy' Reveals Series Ending On Instagram

Earlier this week, Kurt Sutter, creator and driving force behind the hit television show Sons of Anarchy, posted an image to Instagram showing the final few lines on the last page of the final episode, giving fans a glimmer of hope about the survival of main character Jax Teller.

The Instagram post was made without comment, except to  say that he had ‘finished *713,’ which would be episode 13 of the 7th season, the final episode to be made in the much-loved, and highly acclaimed series.

The Instagram share is still on Sutter’s account, but many people are claiming that the posting may have initially been a mistake, and that Sutter will now, or has since, changed the ending.

“I swear, I thought it was done by accident,” said a fan. “Like he probably meant to text the picture to his wife Katey (Sagal, a lead on the show) or a producer or something. Just to show it was done. If this is how the series ends, I will be so excited! No one wants Jax to die. He should live happily ever after.”

Fans are speculating on the ending of the series, which last season saw several main characters killed off, and who will live or die during these final few episodes.

“A series like this begins filming months before the final drafts of the later episodes will even be completed,” said Mark Robertsen, a television writer not affiliated with Sons. “So it’s very possible that there have been or will be changes made to the end of the series. It’s even more likely that several of the stars don’t even know if they will live through the final credits. At this point, the only one who would really know is Kurt [Sutter] himself.”

The final season of Sons of Anarchy is airing Tuesday nights at 10pm EST on cable network FX.

Final Page SOA
A screenshot from @sutterink on Instagram shows the final (possible) ending to Sons of Anarchy














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