‘Isis Books and Gifts’ Shop Owner Assaulted for Terrorism


DENVER, Colorado – 

Karen Charboneau-Harrison, owner of Isis Books and Gifts was taken to the hospital after being assaulted with rotten eggs and rocks in the parking lot. She says she is being mistaken for a terrorist.

Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Mother Nature, not to be confused with the terrorist group ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

After repeated acts of vandalism at her store, Harrison re-branded the store as Goddess Gifts and Books, replacing the sign that vandals had smashed. She thought her troubles were over.

“Since I am not even a person of color, this is particularly surprising to me. I mean, I got myself a tanning package for Christmas, but I’m not out there in a burka. Regardless, that sort of thing shouldn’t matter,” said Harrison. “We need to stop lumping everyone together and making assumptions about people. I own a hippie shop on Colorado. Peace and love man. One look in my store and you’ll know that’s what we’re all about.”



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