Justin Bieber Records Cover of 90s Hit ‘Macarena’

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LOS ANGELES, California – 

Simultaneously beloved and despised, Los Del Rio’s hit Macarena will soon be back on the radio, resurrected by none other than Justin Bieber. The “musician” says when he learned what it was really about, he knew right away he would have to cover it.

Co-producer Steve James says when Bieber saw the translation he went wild over the song all over again. The song’s lyrics include, “Give your body joy” and tell of a girl who’s stepping out on her man, Vittorio.

Bieber explains, “It’s about a really thirsty girl. She wants it bad. This hits going to be sick, sick like the plague, girl.”

The “musician” says he has been looking for just the right 90s song to cover. He considered both NSync and Spice Girls hits, but nothing ever got off the ground. “I’m a real 90s kid. That’s the music I was raised on,” says Justin, who was born in 1994 and doesn’t understand that really makes him a 2000s kid, not a 90s kid.

Beliebers everywhere are excited, eager for any fresh track released by their Lord and savior, Justin “Jesus” Bieber.



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