McDonalds Is Offering An Adult Happy Meal; Comes With Sex Toy

McDonalds Is Offering An Adult Happy Meal; Comes With Sex Toy

OAK BROOK, Illinois –

Fast food chain Mcdonalds has decided to run a controversial promotion that business experts say will either make of break the company. Coming this March Mcdonalds will be serving adult happy meals that come with a sandwich, fries, drink, and a sex toy.

The did do a focus group and a survey showed that 85 percent of the people they polled loved the idea of having a sex toy with their burger. The most popular was labeled as “The McGangBang” which included a Big Mac and a 12 inch dildo. While that did great with women customer, the men seemed to prefer the “Fist Fillet” a fish sandwich that including a large rubber vaginal mold. McDonalds claim the numbers for the “Fist Fillet” may not be to popular after lint season seeing how a lot of their customers are Catholic and eat a lot of fish during the holiday.

They have also addressed questions of how they plan on serving the adult happy meals and have decided to serve the meal with the toy in a  black box so embarrassment and exposure will not be an issue.

All customers will be carded at the counter or drive-thru and must be at least 21 years olds to purchase the item.





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