Republicans Agree Global Warming a ‘Hoax’

WASHINTGON, D.C. –  Republicans Agree Global Warming a 'Hoax'

With sea ice in rapid decline, and following the globe’s hottest September on record, GOP members have been sounding off about their views on global warming, and perhaps no one is a more outspoken critic of the theory than Rep. Dan Benishek of Michigan.

“There is absolutely no evidence that there have been any significant changes in weather patterns,“ said Beniskek at a summit in Grand Rapids, MI, where the typical October climate is between 45° and 61° Fahrenheit.

When it was pointed out that there is significant data published in peer-reviewed journals supporting this phenomenon, and the role that humans have played in causing it, he replied, while wiping perspiration from his brow, “Peer reviewed, yes. But not by my peers. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m taking my family to the lake for some water skiing.”

Benishek is not alone on the subject—In a January Energy and Commerce Committee meeting, every Republican voted against the Electricity and Affordability Act, which if passed would carry the condition that the committee accept the reality of climate change and that it’s caused by greenhouse gas pollution.

Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY.) of Kentucky, a coal-state, approves. He reportedly stated at a recent press conference, “If God meant for us to not burn fossil fuels, he wouldn’t have given us coal.” He then made his exit as his representative handed him his surgical mask and helped him climb into his hummer.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK.), whom comedian Jon Stewart famously roasted in June for saying, “[Global warming] is really a hoax,” took to twitter this morning denouncing climate change science altogether.

“Global warming is based on the unfounded doctrine of science. And it’s just a big excuse for Democrats to avoid reconciling our views so we can work together to resolve important bipartisan issues #DenyDenyDeny.”

Empire News reached out to David Donnelly, respected environmentalist and president of nonpartisan group Every Voice, for comment. His response was optimistic. “If the environmental community can convince Republicans that their money won’t mean much after our species is extinct, then it’s possible the partisan lines will fracture and we can prevent many harmful effect of global warming.”



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