EXPOSED! You Won’t BELIEVE Their Hidden Agenda!


ATLANTA –, which has long been one of the internet’s go-to websites for fact checking about far-fetched or incredible stories, was exposed by a group of Anonymous hackers who were able to break into the website’s files, and steal pertinent information about their secret agenda.

“As it turns out, the creators of Snopes are actual Reptilians, who are using their long-running website to spread misinformation and push their secret, hidden, commercial and business agendas,” said a posting made to Reddit by Anonymous. “Although it would seem that much of the information they provide is true, it is actually leading you away from theĀ realĀ truth, to cover for major conspiracies.”

According to Anonymous, the creators of snopes have “no background” and “no history” before the website was created, and indeed have no web presence outside of their names listed on the website. A full background check was completed, and the names were not listed anywhere before 1996.

“We’re still checking into who these people ‘really’ are, and what their full plans are. We’ll get them,” said the posting.



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