Texas A&M Towel Boy Leaves Sidelines To Gain Starting Spot As Quarterback

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&M Towel Boy Leaves Sidelines To Gain Starting Spot As Quarterback

A new season of college football is underway and anticipations for this year are high, with new rules and a new playoff bracket system being put into effect this season. One team that will have a lot of eyes on it will be Texas A&M, after all-star quarterback Johnny Manziel has started his NFL career for the Cleveland Browns.

Texas A&M coaches have been hesitant to name a starting QB, but with recent discovery of a ‘hidden talent’ during practice, it appears that they are ready to name the man who take the starting snap for the Aggies this Thursday against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Terrance Brown, a once towel boy for the team, has been picked up and put on the roster as of yesterday, and has been announced to start the first game of the season.

Coaches began to notice the talent behind the towel boy when asked to get a football that went out-of-bounds. Brown, instead of walking the ball over, threw a hail mary spiral right to the head coach.

“It was unbelievable,” said Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. “I thought maybe the kid just had a long ball, but we had some down time and I asked if he would throw to our receivers. He agreed and the kid looked like a natural. I asked if he would do some drills in uniform, and it was like he had been playing football in college for 5 seasons.”

Brown admitted to the coach that he knew the play book pretty well, and had sometimes snuck into team meetings and stood in the back. He had played football in high school, but only up until his junior year after bruising his spine bone. By the time he fully recovered it was too late to get scouted and he had never made the walk-on tryout at A&M because he didn’t know they had been scheduled. He acquired the towel boy spot after begging the school to let him help out the team in any way.

“He’ll start the game, but I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid the game pressure may get to him, so we are prepared to take him out if we have to. That being said, I hope he shows up like he did in the practices. If he can, this will be a story for the ages,” said Sumlin.

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