Chemist Stephanie Kwolek To Be Buried In Kevlar Casket

WILMINGTON, Delaware –¬†Empire-News-Stephanie-Kwolek-Buried-In-Kevlar-Casket-Coffin

Stephanie Kwolek, the famed chemist who invented kevlar, died earlier this week at age 90. Over 50 years ago while working for DuPont Chemicals, Kwolek invented the solution that could be spun into the exceptionally strong fibers that are now used worldwide in police and military protective equipment. Her last request was that she be buried in a coffin made of the material that made her famous.

“Policemen and women around the world have been made safer from kevlar for years.” Said Kwolek in an interview only a few short months ago. “When I die, I want to have them make my casket out of kevlar, so that I can be protected in the afterlife.”

The DuPont corporation has fronted the entire cost for Kwolek’s funeral, including building a custom casket designed especially for Kwolek.

“We want Mrs. Kwolek to rest comfortably, and we are going to follow her wishes.” Said Ellen Kullman, chairman of DuPont Chemicals. “It’s the least we could do for a woman who brought so much to our company and to the safety of people throughout the world.”

Kwolek’s casket is being designed by DuPont’s top engineers, and will feature a body made entirely of spun kevlar, and adorned with 14k gold handles. She is also being buried wearing a bulletproof vest and full kevlar body armor.

“You never know what may come for you in the afterlife.” Said Kwolek. “I’m going to be ready for whatever the next realm¬†throws my way.”

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