Rolling Stones Guitarist Proud Dad Of Conjoined Twin Girls

LONDON, England – 

Ronnie Wood, guitarist for the Rolling Stones was surprised to find his twin girls are joined at the base of their spine. Although the initial announcement, was, “The girls arrived on 30 May at 22:30 and all are doing brilliantly. The babies are perfect, ” the parents have now announced there are some complications. It is likely the birth defect is due to the advancing ages of Ronnie, 68, and Sally, 38.

Conjoined twins occur once every 200,000 live births, and their survival is anything but assured. Although more male twins conjoin in the womb than female twins, females are three times as likely as males to be born alive.

Wood is a proud dad nonetheless, and says doctors say they are confident the girls will be able to be separated. “Surgery will be bloody expensive. At this rate me and the boys will never stop touring. It’s not that we don’t want to retire. Every time we’re about to call it quits, one of us has something come up.”

Sally says they will not be releasing pictures, as she does not want the girls to be looked at as some oddity. She says they will not be having any more children after the girls.

“I told Ronnie to pull out. He can’t help himself when he gets so hopped up on Viagra and cocaine. And then I find out it’s twins. We’re so blessed to have them, but by the time they’re 10 their dad will likely have passed on.”

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