Lost City of Atlantis Uncovered In Mediterranean Sea


BAZOS, Croatia –¬†

A team of explorers who have been searching for the lost city of Atlantis for the better part of 30 years have reportedly discovered the ruins of the Mecca, located approximately 30 miles beneath the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, directly off the coast of Croatia.

According to the research team, there is more than $300 billion worth of lost treasures within the city, not to mention the city itself.

“People have been searching for Atlantis for hundreds of years, with many thinking that it may never have existed at all,” said Mark Kempf, lead of the expedition. “Through hundreds of hours of research in books before setting out on our trip, we were able to locate the approximate area where we believed the city to be, and after repeated attempts to reach the area, we were finally successful last week.”

Kempf says that it will become “increasingly difficult” to have many people visit the area, as he believes the more people that know the area, the fewer treasures there will be.

“Oh, the place will definitely be overrun with pirates very quickly, which is why we are not releasing the city’s exact location at this time,” said Kempf. “This discovery will definitely put my children’s children’s children through college, though.”

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