MLB Announces Designated Hitter Position To Be Abolished In All Leagues

MLB Announces Designated Hitter Rule To Be Abolished

NEW YORK, New York-

Officials for the Major League Baseball Organization have confirmed a huge rule change that will impact the game of professional baseball indefinitely. A new rule will make it impossible for any team to use a designated hitter in their lineup beginning this season.

The decision was made after commissioner  Robert D. Manfred Jr felt it unfair for a player to only hit, and felt that each player should hold more then one role in baseball.

“It was a tough call, but my team has backed me and agreed that this ban will make the game a lot more exciting,” said Manfred. “The salaries some of these guys get to just go up and bat is crazy. Granted they are helping their teams, but we want to implement a game that makes players depend more on their stamina and inner power. We don’t want our players to think at some point in their career they can get lazy and just sit on the bench and hit a ball every once in a while.”

Each team has until spring training to update their lineup, and any DH player that they have must be listed into a defensive position.

“The National League doesn’t have a DH position, so why does the American League need one? Pitchers will just start having to learn to bat. If they can’t sucks for them. If anyone has a problem with the new ban of the DH position, they can go find a new game to play,” said Manfred. “I don’t know how many jobs there are that require people to hit balls and catch them, but I feel that the rule will be taken hold by the teams just fine.”



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