Mother Says Playground Equipment Hurts Her Child’s Feelings And Needs To Be REMOVED


Redwood Falls, MN-

Mother Candice Benner is suing Reede Gray Elementary School to install more handicap accessible equipment. Mrs. Benner says if they do not act soon she will tear the existing equipment out herself.

“It’s bad enough the kids run around in front of her. Tabatha’s dream is to play kickball, but of course they refuse to modify the rules so she can participate. But the biggest indignity is that she can’t use the slide. If they refuse to update the equipment, it should all be torn out…and if they don’t act soon, I’ll take it out myself.”

Superintendent, Rich Smellingworth says they simply do not have it in their budget. The school was forced to update their playground equipment five years before when Mothers Against Wooden Playground Equipment (MAWPE) sued the school to update the equipment. Although the small school did not have any handicapped children at the time they did include two disability friendly swings in accordance with the American’s with Disabilities Act.

PTA mother, Amy Dixon thinks the money could be better allocated. “If, we could afford one of them special slides there I’d be for it, but we can’t. And honestly I think when there is extra money in the budget our first priority should be taking the toxic GMO ingredients out of the cafeteria. It would be something for all the children, including Mrs. Benner’s daughter. Perhaps with a preservative free diet she would have more mobility.”

Another parent , who wishes to remain anonymous says, “Well it’s not fair to her daughter. But life aint fair…Should we chop off the little boys’ you-know-whats because some of the girls have penis envy. Life aint fair.”

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