Comcast Announces Massive Price Hike For Cable, Customers Aren’t Surprised


DALLAS, Texas – 

Comcast, one of the nation’s largest cable companies, says that their annual price increase will take effect on January 1st, and customers can expect to see rates jump by nearly 400%.

Mark Lemon, who has Comcast internet but not cable, says he isn’t at all surprised.

“I used to pay about $100 a month for cable and internet,” said Lemon. “It really wasn’t horrible. Then last year, they upped that price to nearly $300 for the same package, so I cut down to just internet, and I bootleg everything I want to watch from TV. Works great!”

Comcast says that people like Lemon are to blame for the price increases.

“If everyone just came back to cable, and stopped cutting the cord, and stopped illegally downloading movies and shows, we could lower the cost again. I mean we could – we definitely wouldn’t, but we could,” said Comcast spokesman Derek Jones. “But, because we’re down to only a couple of people who have cable packages, we really need to hike this price up to make a profit.”

Jones says that customer who normally pay around $75-$100 a month for just cable should see those prices hit somewhere around $400-$600, depending on their chosen package.

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