Scouts Take Interest In 14-Month-Old Snowboarding Baby



Sloan Henderson can barely walk, but she is already snowboarding. Scouts are already showing interest the little athlete. Parents Katie Henderson, 29, and Zachary Henderson, 30, of North Salt Lake, Utah say they are keeping Sloan’s options open and will not be signing with anyone just yet.

Sloan had just learned to walk when parents put her on a Burton Riglet board and pulled her around their home. They received worldwide attention when they took her to slopes. The Youtube video quickly went viral.

Although her parents are turning athletic scouts away for now, they say they would welcome an endorsement. “Sloan’s an adorable baby. She’d make a great face for your snowboard, and we could use an addition on our home. Of course any money left over would go into a college fund,” says Katie Henderson.

Some are accusing the parents of abuse, saying the Henderson’s are endangering the child, especially since there are no helmets small enough to properly fit the 14 month old. Currently the helmet they have Sloan wearing is designed for a child much older, but they stuff it with rags or old t-shirts to fill in the gaps. The parents have responded by saying they wanted to develop healthy habits in their daughter. “Sitting a child in front of a TV – that’s real child abuse.”

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