Toshiba Plans To Bring Back HD-DVD Brand To Re-Compete With Blu-Ray


HONG KONG, China – 

Toshiba, the company who first made high-definition discs in their HD-DVD format, says they plan to bring back the technology in an effort to wipe out Sony’s Blu-ray technology.

“We were bested the first time around, but only because Microsoft dropped the ball and didn’t get HD-DVD players into the XBox 360. It wasn’t our fault,” said Toshiba president Mike Rolls. “Now that things have been going well for Sony, we see that there is still a market for our HD-DVDs out there, and we are planning a resurgence next year.”

Industry insiders call the move “confusing,” saying that most people – even avid movie collectors – forgot that there even was a competing format to Blu-ray.

“We’ve been pretty settled in with Blu long enough, and frankly, discs are on their way out anyway,” said movie collector Derek Paul. “I have no idea why Toshiba would do this. I have no interest in their format, and I own tens of thousands of movies. Discs are dead, anyway.”

Toshiba, though, says they’re not to be swayed.

“In the 80s, we kicked Sony’s ass in the format wars when our VHS beat out their Betamax,” said Rolls. “At this point, really, the pain of losing to them was just too much to bear. Now, we’re coming back with a vengeance.”

Rolls says that Toshiba is in talk with Disney to license their films first, hoping to release Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the first big movie in the new format wars.



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