Benedict Cumberbatch Eyed To Play Next James Bond; Fans Both Outraged, Thrilled

Benedict Cumberbatch Eyed To Play Next James Bond; Fans Are Both Outraged, Thrilled


HOLLYWOOD, California – 

A document leaked by an employee at Eon Productions – the production company responsible for producing the James Bond film series – suggests that Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch will succeed Daniel Craig as the iconic Secret Service agent.

Initial reaction from the public was incredulity, and even outrage. However, soon after the story hit news outlets, the internet began to concur that, actually, it kinda makes sense.

“The bizarrely named individual, recognized by his strong, high cheekbones and sharp chin, is an unlikely figure to make it big as an actor in the first place, but he totally kills in Sherlock,” Said IMDb message board user MovieDude6969. “Also, he played Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, and who would’ve thought he’d pull that off? Hell, didn’t he play the voice of Smaug in The Hobbit series too?”

Another internet user, Federico Macheda, who says he is a big fan of James Bond, and is a purist when it comes to the literature, had a similar reaction.

“He doesn’t really fit in with the archetypal Bond figure, and that bothered me at first. But then I realized that, actually, he’s the perfect James Bond. He can be suave. He has plenty of action scenes in Sherlock – which he pulls off better even than Robert Downey, Jr did in his vapid attempts at playing the legendary sleuth. He’s even got that huge following of fans, the ‘Cumberbitches,’ so he’s clearly a hit with the ladies.”

Eon Productions have denied the reports, dismissing the idea as a hoax, and saying they “have never considered Benedict Cumberbatch for the role,” although an executive at the company, who wished to remain anonymous, did say “Although… now that you mention it… maybe we should give that a shot.”

Facebook users are expected to start up a petition to ensure that Cumberbatch gets the role, since everyone now agrees that it’s really got to happen. Everyone is encouraged to wait a few moments if they have any doubts about signing it, so that they have a chance to realize how awesome it’ll actually be.



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