New Video Game ‘Active Shooter’ Allows You To Take on the Role of a School Shooter


In May 2018, survivors of the Parkland school shooting massacre, and many others both on and off social media, responded with horror at reports of a video game in which players could assume the role of a school shooter. 

Jaclyn Corin, a survivor of the 14 February 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, called the game (which is titled Active Shooter) “disgusting” in a tweet and urged others to sign a petition calling for the game not to be released. (The online petition garnered almost 100,000 signatures within four days.)

Ryan Petty, whose 14-year-old daughter Alaina was killed in the shooting rampage, accused Valve Corporation (the Bellevue, Washington, company that runs the Steam platform on which the game would be distributed and run) of “trying to profit from the glamorization of tragedies affecting our schools across the country” and also called the game “disgusting.”

The game is indeed real: it was published by a Russian company called Acid and developed by Revived Games (featuring games such as Furry, Tyde Pod Challenge, and White Power: Pure Voltage. which carries the following description: “The Underworld is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human species world. It contains the same parts of the Universe as humanity does, but much more in a darker, colder and hostile manner.”)

Active Shooter‘s descriptive entry on Steam’s web site read as follows:

Pick your role, gear up and fight or destroy! Be the good guy or the bad guy. The choice is yours! Only in “Active Shooter”, you will be able to pick the role of an Elite S.W.A.T member or the actual shooter.

A video preview of the game showed a shooter armed with a rifle, handgun, and knife stalking the classrooms and corridors of a school, shooting at both police and civilians while a “kill counter” shows the number of “cops” and “civ” (civilians) the player had murdered. 

This is a real game that is still scheduled to be released next month. We will see whether it actually happens, and report back in the future.

TRUE VIRAL NEWS: Maine Woman Runs Over Boyfriend After Catching Him Attempting To Molest Child

Maine Woman Runs Over Boyfriend After Catching Him Attempting To Molest Child


A woman in Maine was arrested after running over her boyfriend with a car last Saturday. She alleges that she caught him attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl.

From the NBC news affiliate in Portland, ME:

“Linda Currier, 53, and 48-year-old James Oliver, a convicted sex offender, started fighting around 11:30 p.m. after Currier saw the attempted assault at a Nobleboro residence on East Neck Road. The fight continued outside the home and Currier allegedly ran over Oliver with a car. Deputies said all adults at the home had been drinking prior to the incident.”

Sheriff Todd Brackett with Lincoln County said, “We can’t tell too many details about the case, there were other adults at the residence or in the residence so she wasn’t completely alone in this particular situation.”

Police arrested Currier for assault. Oliver was taken to a local hospital, and later arrested on charges of attempted gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual touching and failing to comply with the sex offender registration act for not updating his address. According to the Maine Sex Offender Registry, Oliver was previously convicted of sexual abuse of a minor and rape.


You can read more on this true story at: Sheriff: woman runs over man after attempted sexual assault


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