It’s Official: New York Jets Moving To Los Angeles, Construction Of Los Angeles Stadium Begins

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey – It's Official- New York Jets Moving To Los Angeles, Construction Of Los Angeles Stadium Begins

It’s official. Owner, CEO, and Chairman of the New York Jets, Woody Johnson, announced that the franchise will be moving to Los Angeles, California after feuding began between the Jets and the New York Giants regarding the two NFL teams sharing Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“Ever since this franchise was founded fifty-five years ago, we have never had a home of our own. First we had to share with the Mets, and then the New York Giants. As I stand before you today, it is with great excitement that I make the announcement that beginning next season, the New York Jets will become known as the Los Angeles Jets,” Johnson announced to the crowded room of journalists.

Johnson went on to explain both the conflicts with the Giants, and the state of New York’s politicians refusal to assist the franchise in securing a stadium of their own in New York City.

“As some of you know, there have been many scheduling conflicts between the Giants and our great franchise for years and years,” Johnson said. “As we are known as the New York Jets, we take pride in representing New York, but we could never secure the appropriate funding nor cooperation from the state of New York, to actually have our own stadium built within the state’s borders. We are the New York Jets, not the New Jersey Jets. Quite simply put, we are tired of playing in a stadium, in New Jersey, that we share with another NFL team. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Johnson revealed detailed building plans for the construction of Los Angeles Stadium, and he says the LA planning board is excited to work with the team in order to bring a National Football League franchise to their city.

“Construction on the 82,000 seat Los Angeles Stadium will begin immediately. It is with great honor that we join forces with the great people of Los Angeles, California. It will take about a year for the stadium to be completed, and we have hopes of beginning a new era there in 2016,” said Johnson. “Until then we have been invited by the University of Southern California to play our home games at their historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I’m just glad we don’t have to share a football stadium with those bums in Jersey anymore.”




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