Man Is Given Sight For First Time In His Life; Claims It Is ‘Too Bright’

Man Is Given Sight For First Time In His Life; Claims It Is 'Too Bright'

BUFFALO, New York –

After 26 years, a man is given a gift he hasn’t ever had in his entire life. Scott Bruce was born legally blind, and after a surgery was done Tuesday evening, doctors gave him the ability to finally see what the world looks like. It was a new procedure for fixing blindness in people like Bruce who have never been able to see, and doctors were only giving a five percent chance of the surgery even working.

SurgeonsĀ in Buffalo were blown away when it actually took but weren’t very happy with how Bruce reacted to his new vision. Apparently he began to complain immediately after the bandages were taken off about how bright everything was and asked if the doctors could place the bandages back on.

“We were excited that he was able to see for he first time in his life, I just wish he was excited as us,” said Doctor Paul Spratt

Bruce has told us that he intends to give a few days of sight but if he doesn’t adjust then he would like to go under the needle again and remove his vision.

“I don’t know how people do it, everything was so bright and it gave me a headache. The sun, lights, television, all of it was way too much to take in, and to be honest, I’d prefer no sight at all over this,” said Bruce.

Doctor Spratt has told us that he will refuse to do the surgery if Bruce does not want to keep his vision, and suggests to his patient to appreciate the fact that he has his sight for the first time.

“Screw him,” said Bruce. “If he won’t do the surgery to reverse this, I’ll literally stab out my goddamn eyes.”





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