Melania Trump Signs $12 Million Deal With Brazzers To Star In Series of Adult Videos


In light of the accusations being made against her husband, President Trump, of infidelity with a former porn star, Melania Trump announced today that he has signed a $12 million contract with Brazzers, the adult website, with plans to complete 5 pornographic films. Sources close to the film company say one of those movies will also John Di Domenico, the world’s most well-known Trump impersonator.

Melania began her career as a model before becoming the World’s Most Powerful Woman as the First Lady.

Now that Melania has settled into her role as First Lady, and found that there really isn’t much to do other than pose for pictures and try and ignore her disgusting, fat husband, she’s really getting bored,” said a close friend, who wished to remain anonymous. “She still looks great, especially for her age, but she’s not model material anymore, not with the thousands of girls a third her age coming up. But, she’s still got a body, and her name, and she’s going to sell it for all it’s worth…and get back at Donny-Boy while she’s at it.”
Melania could not be reached for comment. Brazzers has not yet released their official announcement, but it is expected later this week.



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