Michelle Obama Announces Presidential Run in 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Michelle Obama Announces Presidential Run in 2016

Hot on the heels of an announcement from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, First Lady Michelle Obama today launched an exploratory committee to consider a Democratic presidential campaign in 2016. This first step could fill the field with women candidates, including Hillary Clinton and ultra-liberal Elizabeth Warren.

 “After talking to Barack and the girls, I feel running for President is the right thing to do,” said Michelle Obama. “My years in the White House have given me insight on how the government works. While Hillary would play centrist, and Ms. Warren plays far left, plus Sarah Palin, who barely can play at all, I will split the middle, perfect playing both sides.”

When asked whether or not she would simply follow her husband’s path and policies if elected, Michelle Obama answered that she appreciated what he has done for the country, and that he would be a ‘great advisor’ to her.

“Years of watching my husband have taught me the secret of being a great politician: agree with everybody, then do what you want afterwards. Barack got as far as he did by calling those who didn’t agree with his policies a racist, so think how far I can get calling them a racist and a sexist. My slogan will be ‘Let’s Finish Transforming America,’ because Barack didn’t have time to complete our vision for the country. A vote for me will get the job done right. No more privately owned business, no more free press, no more individual landowners, no more guns, no more freedom of speech, and no more God, unless his name is Muhammad.” 

“With me as First Man helping her out, there’s no reason why we won’t finish the job I started,” said President Obama. “Plus that’s at least four more years of using Air Force One to get to my golf outings, which would be nice.”


“ Huh, she said what?” Senator Ted Cruz,” How do you like me now America, I’m suddenly the sane one. Vote for me and I’ll give you more business, more guns, more God and more freedom.”




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