New Prison Reality Show Will Grant Freedom To Winner, Death Row To Losers


LOS ANGELES, California –

Broadcast companies are battling to pick up a new reality show that many believe will be a huge hit. Every big name network, along with every smaller, cable-based network are raising bids each day to earn the rights to what many are calling the greatest idea for a television show in history.

The show is called Freedom, and features ten prisoners who fight over a chance to win their freedom back and be pardoned for their crimes. The contestants will have to go through many different prison-type challenges to win, and the losing prisoners will be forced to walk death row.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time,” said Mark Henry, who saw the pilot episode in a test screening. “You begin to pull for these prisoners and hope that they each gain freedom, but of course, some of these poor bastards are going to die.”

Surprisingly, prisoners all over the nation are writing letters to showrunners in hopes to get on the program, even though there is a high chance of death.

“Fuck yeah, I don’t give no shits, I want on that motherfucker,” said prisoner #677645, Lucio “Big Guns” Clemons. “I’m in this motherfucker for life for murder, and this is probably my only shot at getting out this bitch. I need to be on that show, and I’ll show everyone who that baddest motherfucker in the yard really is. Plus, I gotsta get out. There’s a couple people who need to be taught what keeping their mouths shut really means.”




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