Oregon Militia Sent Another Human Penis


PORTLAND, Oregon –

The Oregon Militia has been making a decent profit selling the dildos that have been donated to them lately, encouraging people to keep donating whatever they’d like. “Send us your bag of dicks!” read a recent post made on their social media page. They had hoped to get supplies to re-sell, but what they did not expect to receive was actual human remains.

Leaders of the Bundy family have come out on Youtube saying that the plethora of sex toys people were sending would not deter them from their mission of helping families. “We’re not going to let all your hatemail sidetrack us. We’re going to continue to do good for our families and this country.”

Since their video aired, they have received two packages which contained actual human genitals. Although they have taken over a federal building, the post office continues to deliver their mail.

“It’s very creepy for us to get actual human remains in the mail, but it’s more annoying than anything,” said Carl Bundy. “We want to be able to sell the items donated to us, and it’s illegal to sell human body parts. It’s a shame someone would throw away perfectly good penises like this.”



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