Purina To Release Dog Food Made With Cat Meat


ST. LOUIS, Missouri – 

Purina Brand Dog Food has announced today that they plan on releasing a new line of wet dog food that will be predominantly made of cat meats. The company, one of the largest pet food companies in the world, said that the new line is “exactly what dogs want.”

“It’s no secret that dogs and cats are natural enemies, and dogs love the taste of kitty flesh,” said Purina spokesman Ryan Shepherd. “We have made a deal with the FDA to allow the importation of cats from around the world. The animals will be euthanized safely and will be made sure to be free of diseases. Dogs will love this new product.”

According to Shepherd, the new Purina line of dog chow will be called Kitty Bits, and will also feature other mixed in meats, such as tuna and beef.



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