Robert Fratta Kills Himself 12 Years Into Life Sentence; Note Blames Taunting From Inmates


Fratta, the sexual deviant who made headlines for killing his wife back in 1994, has reportedly killed himself in prison. The suicide note says other prisoners, who had heard the details of his case, would not stop pinning him down and defecating on his chest. Fratta also denied the allegations that he had ever liked it, saying he “never had asked his former wife to do something so disgusting, either.”

Bob Fratta was convicted of hiring Joseph Prystash and Howard Guidry to kill his wife, Farrah Fratta, who was shot twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol outside her home. The killing occurred during the course of a custody battle between the victim and her husband. In the custody papers, Farah cites Bob Fratta’s sexual perversions as one of the reasons for divorce.

Bob Fratta reportedly had been going to the prison chapel frequently, asking forgiveness for his sins in the months prior to hanging himself in his jail cell. Prison officials say there were no reports of the alleged assaults on the prisoner.



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