‘Plenty Of People Are Not Going To Run For President’ Says FOX News

'Plenty Of People Are Not Going To Run For President' Says FOX News


FOX News are reporting that plenty of people are not going to run for president in 2016. The startling analysis comes amid speculation of who will next announce their intention to run, with Ted Cruz the first of many hopeless candidates to kickstart his campaign. With Cruz proving that Republican primaries are inclusive of even the unlikeliest politicians, droves of senators, governors, and laymen are thought to be planning their next moves.

“Sources indicate that there are still going to be thousands, if not millions, of Americans not running for president,” said Bill O’Reilly, host of his eponymous show. “This is indeed surprising, as the list of individuals who won’t be running includes some shocks. For example, Governor Pence of Indiana won’t be campaigning, and neither will my friend Richard from down the road.”

Critics of FOX News have, however, dismissed their reports as “nothing more than hopeful speculations.” Jon Stewart in particular was vocal in his criticism.

“Come on Bill, who do you think you’re kidding?” he ranted on The Daily Show. “How about you? Will you be running for president? I think it’s telling that you kept this information hidden, when it has direct bearing on your story. This is more mindless fear-mongering.”

Henry Goldstein, a conservative Jewish commentator, hit back at Stewart, saying that “he has no idea what he’s talking about. All this rhetoric, when really FOX News is the only network reporting the truth. I’m gonna be candid, and add my name to the list of those not running for president. Jon ‘Stewart’ has forgotten his conservative Jewish heritage.”

Other analysts were underwhelmed by the reports. CNN’s John Dreyer acknowledged the possible veracity of FOX’s exclusive, but speculated that it will have no bearing on the political outlook of the country.

“When it comes down to it, it will be between Jeb [Bush] and Hillary [Clinton]. This stands true whether the whole country runs for president, or only most of it.”

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