New Reality Show to Follow Meghan Trainor’s Sudden Descent into Obscurity

New Reality Show to Follow Meghan Trainor’s Sudden Descent into Obscurity


NEW YORK CITY, New York – 

NBC has revealed plans of a new reality show, which will follow the rapid demise of Meghan Trainor’s career after the success of her smash hit, All About That Bass, dies down. Filming has reportedly already started, tracking an excited and optimistic Trainor at what she believes is the beginning of a long and prosperous life in the limelight.

“The show will be called, Meghan Trainor: the Unsurprising Story,” said producer Gary Rockerforth. “Viewers will get to see what is by now a familiar scenario. An artist – say, Gotcha or Carly Rae Jepson – releases a track that becomes everyone’s ‘song of the year’. It’s stuck in everyone’s heads for months, countless YouTube covers are released which bring even a more brief fame to that YouTuber, and only the ‘superstar’ thinks it’s the breakthrough they’ve always waited for. A year later, the public nostalgically Googles the song in an attempt to remember who sang it.”

Trainor herself appeared over the moon at the announcement.

“This past year has been overwhelming to say the least,” she gushed to TMZ. “First, my song was picked up by all the major stations and I couldn’t have predicted the impact it would have. Now my own reality show! I can’t even begin to imagine what’s next.”

Friends of Trainor have revealed their own reluctance at appearing in the show with her.

“Meghan is great and I love her, but I don’t want to be in her situation,” said one close friend. “If I’m on her show, my fame will come and go even faster than hers.”

News is currently coming in that NBC has cancelled the series, which had already been knocked down to a mini-series, due to the fact that there’s not likely to be more than five episodes and already waning public interest.

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