Actress, Singer Tila Tequila Gets Cosmetic Surgery To Make Her Appear Pregnant

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Actress Tila Tequila Gets Cosmetic Surgery To Make Her Appear Pregnant

Actress, porn star, singer, and TV personality Tila Tequila has undergone a new type of cosmetic surgery not well-known in this country. Although popular in places like Mexico and Uganda, Tequila’s ‘pregnancy implant’ is the first of its kind as performed by plastic surgeons in the United States.

Tequila says that she got the implant because she thought that “looking pregnant” was sexy, and that the new faux-bump would give her the look without all the ‘messy after effects’ that come with having a baby.

“Pregnant women are so unbelievably sexy,” said Tequila. “Something about a woman carrying a baby really turns me on. I always wanted to have that look, but I’ll be damned if I wanted to actually have to go through the whole process of pushing a baby out of my vajay. I’ve got a living to make, and that living is underwritten by how tight my stomach, abs, and vagina are. This surgery is the next best thing to actually getting all preggers.”

Tequila’s surgeon, Dr. Joseph Goldsmith, said that the fake pregnancy bump was actually designed to only last about 9 months, and it would slowly ‘deflate’ after.

“It’s not your typical implant, like a breast implant, that is there forever. This type of implant is designed to be very large for the same duration as a typical pregnancy, then slowly disintegrate back into the body afterwards. The actual implant itself is made from human tissue and water capsules, and is all completely safe.”

For now, Tequila says she is enjoying her ‘baby bump,’ and says that maybe someday she will want to have a baby for real.

“In the mean time, though, I can still party hard and get all the attention I’ve always been used to, but now everyone will really want to screw me.”

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