Leaked FBI Documents Show Assassination Plot Stopped Only Hours Before Trump’s Inauguration


Recently leaked FBI documents show that the organization were able to stop an attempted assassination of President Donald Trump only hours before he was sworn in.

According to Anonymous, who posted the various briefings on websites 4chan and Reddit, the documents were taken and leaked to show how Americans already have a “severe hatred” for Donald Trump.

“The man hadn’t even been sworn in yet, and already there was a plot to take him out,” said one commenter. “It’s crazy, and it’s truly going to be a disgusting 4 years.”

The documents show that FBI agents had been tipped to a possible shooting assassination of Donald Trump a week before his inauguration and, although the information was initially deemed to be false, an investigation was required regardless. FBI coordinator Miles Richards said that it was only with “extreme luck” that the attempted assassination was thwarted.

“We received information about a man named Booth who planned to shoot Donald Trump during his swearing in ceremony. Booth is a military-trained sniper who served in Afghanistan, and with the equipment and training that this man has, he would have been more than capable of pulling off the assassination.”

Richards says that they expected to find nothing during the investigation, but that Booth made one fatal error.

“He posted on his Facebook that he planned to kill Trump. I mean, he ended the post with a winky-laughing face, but when we checked him out, we realized that it was true nonetheless.”

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