President Obama Criticized as ‘Unpatriotic’ for Skipping Breakfast

President Obama Criticized as 'Unpatriotic' for Skipping Breakfast


The President sparked controversy once again last Thursday with actions causing some to question if he’s truly fit to continue holding office. What seemed like a harmless interview quickly turned into a dramatic scandal. The interviewer, who chooses to remain anonymous, came forth to explain the incident.

“I was just asking routine, nonsense icebreaker questions – you know, like stuff about his dogs or sports. Then I asked what his favorite breakfast was.”

His answer to that question shocked the world.

“When I found out that he doesn’t usually eat breakfast I was so disgusted that I just got up and left,” the interviewer said.

Since details of the exchange have been released, people have been wondering: should such an unpatriotic – bordering on anarchic – person be our president? Breakfast, which has been part of American culture since colonial times, has become a symbol for the nation’s strength, unity, and wholesome virtues.

United States Senator John McCain, Obama’s opponent in the 2008 elections, made light of the situation while also reminding the country of what they could have had. He Instagrammed Perpetua-filtered photos of his extremely patriotic bacon-eggs-and-toast breakfast, then tweeted:

“Breakfast every day. #justsaying #betterlucknexttime #2016”

Some groups have pointed towards Obama’s anti-breakfast policy as an opportunity for change – which was the theme of his campaign.

“Maybe we don’t need breakfast every day,” one supporter commented, “just like we don’t need racism and same-sex marriage bans.”

Obama supporters urge people to have an open mind and consider how necessary tradition really is. On the other hand, millions of people are still outraged, citing tradition as one of the most important parts of culture. Furthering the nationwide anger is the President’s decision to ignore this pressing issue to focus on lesser matters such as ISIS and the national budget, likely because he is in his second term and not concerned with reelection, experts say.

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