YouTube-Famous Daredevil Vitaly Raskalov Injured In Freak Accident

KYIY, Ukraine – YouTube-Famous Daredevil Vitaly Raskalov Injured In Freak Accident

World-class daredevil and internet sensation Vitaly Raskalov was reportedly hospitalized for an injury he sustained at his home in Kyiy, Ukraine. Raskalov, who is famous for his YouTube videos of dangerous acts, like scaling skyscrapers, cranes, and buildings all over the world, apparently tripped while getting out of the shower, causing him to break his shoulder.

“It’s really silly, honestly.” Said Raskalov from his hospital bed. “But ya know, It happens to people all the time, doesn’t it? Why can’t it happen to me?”

There is a level of irony at Raskalov’s injury, as he has traveled the world risking life and limb climbing skyscrapers, buildings, and even the pyramids of Egypt.

Raskalov first rose to prominence as his YouTube videos showed him hanging from ledges hundreds of feet above the ground, walking along the rails of an abandoned roller coaster in Japan, or sneaking past security guards to gain access to restricted buildings. His extreme stunts have gotten him arrested and banned from multiple countries, including Egypt for the pyramid climb, and Russia for multiple stunts.

Doctors say that Raskalov will be back illegally climbing buildings by the end of the summer, assuming his shoulder heals properly. Thankfully, they say, he is in such great athletic shape, that his physical therapy should be minimal.

“This is an amazing kid, and what he does is…well, it makes me palms sweat when I see the videos.” Said Dr. Victor Marshen, Raskalov’s doctor. “He’s truly talented, and probably just a little past crazy.”

Raskalov has said that he still has several hours of video footage recorded, so his YouTube channel will continue to have new content, and that he plans on traveling to the US in the fall with hopes of climbing the Empire State building.


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