Boxer With No Arms To Make His Pro Debut


MEXICO CITY, Mexico –¬†

Boxing is a sport that takes fast hands, reflexes, and endurance. It is a game of chess, and you always have to be a move above your opponent just to land a clean punch. One of the toughest things about the sport is keeping your face and stomach from being blasted by a jab, and keeping your stamina up to survive those long, energy draining rounds.

Jorge Ramos, an amateur boxer, will be making his pro debut this month, and he brings something to the ring that no other boxer has brought before; both of his arms are missing, and he fights with just one stub.

Ramos was born with an infection in his arms, and as a kid had to have them removed. That didn’t stop him from living a normal life and striving to become a boxer, even though most people, including doctors, told him he would never be able to do so.

“I can’t believe that he is able to fight as well as he does,” said Ramos’ childhood physician, Dr. Pablo Escobar. “Ramos moves around the ring like a bird, avoiding punches by weaving his body back and forth. While he only has one part of his arm to strike with, he has found a way to knock out 6 of his 10 opponents in fights so far. I’ve been watching him grow, and he’s a modern marvel.”

Ramons has signed a bout with a fellow Mexican boxer, and tells the media that he will not only win, but he will knock him out in the first round.



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