Company Announces Plans To Release Sex Toys For Children



A new startup has announced plans to release a line of sex toys aimed entirely at children, according to the company’s Kickstarter page.

The Lil’ Sexy Tykes Toy Company says that there is a massive, untapped market for children who like to masturbate, and want to experiment with toys and other items.

“Everyone masturbates. Babies in the womb are masturbating. It’s not wrong, and it won’t cause you to go blind or get hair palms, we all know that,” said company CEO Mike List. “We know that even children are masturbating, but we also know that they want to be able to enjoy sex in the same way adults do – although we don’t encourage them to actually experience intercourse, we would like them to enjoy dildos, penis-rings, clamps, and those types of things. Smaller versions, of course.”

List says that he got the idea after he walked in on his 9-year-old son masturbating.

“I had no idea that he even did that sort of thing, or knew how,” said List. “Later, we talked about the Birds and The Bees, as it were, and he confessed he’d been masturbating for over a year. I knew that there were other kids out there, too, who also masturbated, and probably wanted to try new things.”

List’s Kickstarter for his Lil’ Sexy Tykes Toy Company is seeking $30,000 for manufacture and distribution of the toy line.

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