Man Shoots Off His Own Foot During Open Carry Texas Rally

TEMPLE, Texas – Empire-News-Man-Shoots-Off-Foot-During-Open-Carry-Texas-Rally

Carl Bellows of Temple, Texas was taken to the hospital during an “Open Carry Texas” demonstration on Thursday afternoon after almost completely severing his foot when he accidentally discharged his AK-47.

Bellows was reportedly standing with another member of the Open Carry Texas movement during the rally, and they were both “talking excitedly, and [Bellows] was jumping up and down – really getting pumped up” said a witness to the accident.

“His gun just went off, and blasted him right in the foot. Those machine guns, man, they pack a wallop. His entire foot was pretty much obliterated.” Said the witness. “It was a real mess. Kind of like spaghetti and meatballs or something. That look. Anyway, I just thank God I wasn’t any closer. I might have been a casualty of progress, or something.”

Open Carry Texas is a group of gun-toting men and women so crazy in their belief in the 2nd Amendment that even the NRA, a group widely known for their hard-fought belief in guns and gun ownership, called them “downright scary.”

“This incident at the OCT rally, it only proves our point.” Said James W. Porter II, President of the NRA. “We like guns. Hell, we love guns, obviously. ‘From our cold, dead hands,’ and all that nonsense. But these people…These [Open Carry Texas] members are just out of their [expletive] minds. They’re seriously the worst kind of crazy. Just because we [NRA members] love owning guns, doesn’t mean we go out and show off our bazookas while getting our morning coffee.”

Open Carry Texas aimed their sights back at the NRA recently in a Facebook post, saying that the NRA doesn’t really know what their group even stands for.

The NRA has refused to learn for themselves how Open Carry Texas conducts itself other than what the liberal media and Bloomberg-funded gun control extremists have falsely portrayed.” Said the OCT in their post.

Bellows and his foot are not the first major casualties of the OCT’s war on showing off their weaponry. Recently several restaurant chains in Texas have placed restrictions on firearms being brought into their locations, including Sonic, Chipotle, Chili’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, and Applebee’s.

“No skin off my ass.” Said Bill Wallace, a member of the Austin chapter of Open Carry Texas. “If the damn Wendy’s don’t want me bringing in my assault rifles when I get my chili, then to hell with ’em. I just won’t buy their chili. I have every right to carry around a damn AR-15 if I want, and ain’t no damn fast-fooders (sic) gonna tell me I can’t.”

“What these Open Carry people don’t understand, is that they’re scaring people.” Said Michelle White, a resident of Temple. “I like guns. I’ve shot guns, and I grew up around them. I’m not anti-gun. But I don’t need to stop by the pharmacy to pick up my kid’s medicine and see some guy with a high-powered rifle strapped to his back. There have been a dozen shootings across the country in the last couple months. It just hits a raw nerve to see someone carrying like that in the open, on the streets. They’re not making any point carrying them around – unless you count looking like intimidating bullies with tiny [expletive] a point.”

At the time of this writing, no charges were being brought against Bellows for discharging his weapon in public, although police have said they will be looking into the legality and registration on all of his guns.

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