Women of Duck Dynasty To Appear In Nude Calendar

empire-sports-women-duck-dynasty-nude-calendarCHICAGO — Mrs. Phil Robertson AKA Miss Kay has just announced that Willie’s wife Korie and Jase’s wife Missy have agreed to appear in a 2015 Calendar to be named The Women of Duck Dynasty.

Kay said that Jeptha’s wife Jessica, who is a model, will also be gracing the pages of the calendar.

Miss Kay spoke with Pia Confetti, a reporter with Celebrity Globe Magazine and said that the women are all very excited.

She pointed out that the photos will not be totally nude but they will be about as close to being nude as a flea’s belly button is to its mouth.

Korie Robertson said that she was told that the photo shoot will be shot by the world’s number one photographer Picasso Mandolin.

Missy at first expressed concern that she felt that she would be too bashful to shed her clothes. She confessed to her husband Jase that she did not think she could go through with it.

He then told her what she would be getting paid and she yelled out, “Hot diggity dog, now where the hell is that picture-takin’ man at?”

Jessica was on board from the very beginning. He husband Jeptha told Miss Confetti that Jess has a fantastically sexy-looking body and she is not the least bit shy about showcasing it.

SIDENOTE: Miss Kay Robertson said that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to The Bayou State Mosquito Spraying Agency.

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