NY Mets Ready to Forfeit Season; Spare Fans Heartache Of Multiple Losses

NY Mets Ready to Forfeit Season; Spare Fans Heartache Of Multiple Losses

NEW YORK, New York – 

Baseball owners of the New York Mets have called a meeting for Tuesday, February 17. Rumor has it that the owners will be making the unprecedented move of forfeiting the season. The reasons will be made clear on Tuesday, but many suspect the reasoning behind the move is to avoid New York fans getting their hopes up this year.

“The idea will likely be to spare the fans the disappointment that has been seen year after year in New York,” said New York Post columnist, Joel Sherman. “Every year the fans get their hopes up for a new season filled with new talent. Then at some point they remember that they are fans of the Mets, and everything falls apart. I think the owners would rather work on the team under-board and allow fans to get to their summer plans without worrying about the team or the standings.”

The idea to forfeit the season would not mean the team would not play, however. Rather, the players would simply not be required to show up, nor would the coaches be required to coach in their respective positions if they didn’t feel like it.

“Think of it as volunteer work at that point,” explained Sherman. “This does open up some fun opportunities for fans as well. If players don’t feel like taking the field, fans could volunteer their time and fulfill a dream of playing for the New York Mets. No pressure, just fun!”

If the press conference goes as planned, fans will be able to sign up online to be on call to take positions as needed. The system will work something like jury duty, with 20 fans being called at a time, who will then be widdled down to four who will sit on the bench or play in the field as needed.

Manager Terry Collins had this to say about the idea, “I like it. It takes the pressure off of me for this season. Realistically I had about half the season before they fired me. Now I can at least focus on getting the right talent ready for 2016, while fans get a chance to really enjoy the season. A 120-loss season won’t look so bad when we’ve already forfeited. Hell, 42 wins would look pretty good in that case.”

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