Rick Salomon Accuses Pamela Anderson of Eating Babies

Rick Salomon Accuses Pamela Anderson of Eating Babies

LOS ANGELES, California – 

Acclaimed poker player Rick Salomon has outraged ex-wife Pamela Anderson, by telling news outlets that the model and actress eats babies. His allegations come just days after he received criticism for calling her a “serial baby-killer” referring to abortions she had had performed without his knowledge. Now he has taken the back-and-forth to a new, unprecedented level.

“Pamela has a serious problem,” he told to anyone who would listen. “She eats babies and there’s no stopping her. When we’d go out to restaurants, I’d have to keep her far away from the kiddies play zone, at least until she was full from appropriate food. But I often failed.”

He said that the former Baywatch star turned into a different person around babies.

“Her teeth get sharper somehow, and she roars like a psychopath. Then she sticks the baby’s head in her mouth and bites it right off, chewing through the skull like it’s nothing more than a piece of candy. Blood spurts out, it gets messy, but she does a good job of cleaning up by eating the whole body and licking the blood off her arms. She has ruined a few very expensive evening gowns.”

Mothers around the country have spoken up, confirming Salomon’s claims.

“Pamela ate my triplets,” said one distraught 32 year old. “She stuffed each into her mouth as the others looked on screaming, until they were all gone. It was traumatic for me, as I’ve always been a big fan of her work. Seeing her like that was the most difficult thing I’ve had to witness. Also, I was sort of bummed about my children.”

Anderson’s spokesperson, Layla Tov, responded by playing down the accusations.

“Pam, like everyone else, likes to eat a baby from time to time,” she said at a press conference she had convened. “But it’s nothing like Rick implied. She does it in moderation, and usually in private. Also, the babies are generally dead before she eats them. Only when she’s really hungry does she eat them live. And Rick knows he’s not innocent here. On their third date, he invited her over to his place for dinner, and cooked a gourmet meal made from parts of five different colored infants.”

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