YouTube Comedy Show in Hot Water Over ‘Baby in Car’ Sketch

TEMPE, Arizona –  YouTube Comedy Show in Hot Water Over 'Baby in Car' Sketch

In light of the recent headlines regarding children dying in vehicles, the video sketch comedy troupe that goes by “Windproof Comedy” has recently had their YouTube account suspended over a sketch comedy bit they did about a baby being ‘cooked in a soup pot” within a vehicle that was filmed on a 100 degree day in Tempe, Arizona.

In the sketch, a man and woman would occasionally use a remote to roll down the back window just enough to thrust various vegetables into the soup pot where a realistic baby doll sat submerged in steaming water.  Passersby grew concerned and the police were called shortly after a man jogging stopped and attempted to punch the window out of the sketch groups 2007 Subaru Forester.  No charges were filed by the police that responded to the scene.

Glenda Rollins, a local woman in the area shopping told authorities, “This baby really looked alive and struggling, I was yelling and screaming at the passing jogger and he stopped and busted up his whole wrist and fist trying to smash the glass. It must have been bulletproof.”

Trevor Blake of Windproof Comedy says he was shocked at the reaction to the sketch filming.  “The baby totally didn’t look real.  People are ridiculous.” he told us.  “When the dude started trying to punch the window out of my Forester I will be honest, I started to freak out a little bit.  I just had my window busted out in front of my apartment and it was like $200 to get fixed.”

The group eventually posted a version of the sketch that included the man attempting to bust his window out.  YouTube pulled the clip when the weak fisted jogger, Dale Bernhardt, reported it for not having his permission to be filmed.  The video spent 16 hours online before it was finally pulled and was viewed nearly 98,000 times by folks in 26 countries according to Blake. “We were really just trying to shed more light on the epidemic of children and animals being left in hot cars that is going on right now.” said Trevor.  “We had done the same thing not long ago but instead used a stuffed cat and no one seemed to give a s—.”

When we spoke to the Tempe Police Department Officer that responded to the call he said, “They weren’t breaking any ‘laws’ per se, but that was a pretty dumb, tasteless thing to do.  If I had been walking by I probably would have shot the window out.”

Trevor Blake began filming sketches in the summer of 2012 with his friends Matt Becker and Courtney Johnson. Their biggest other YouTube success being a 3 minute sketch about being tasered for trying to high-five Senator Gabrielle Giffords.

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