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Mom Says Her Baby Is Reincarnation Of Jesus After Seeing Image Of Savior In Dirty Diaper

May 22, 2016

SANTA VALARTE, Mexico -  Mary Flores claims Christ is born again, and it is her baby. She claims she has seen the sign of the Lord in her son’s dirty diaper. She immediately Snapchatted the cross ...


A Pair Of Marilyn Monroe’s Panties Set To Be Auctioned

May 22, 2016

BOSTON, Massachusetts -  Jack Schlossberg, John F Kennedy’s grandson, is auctioning off a family heirloom: Marilyn Monroe’s Panties. Monroe’s unmentionables are rumored to have been used to wipe up JFK’s semen. They were kept in a drawer ...


Kim Jong-Un Says Most Important Thing To Discuss With Trump Is ‘Mean Internet Memes’

May 22, 2016

PYONGANG, North Korea - Leader of North Korea says he accepts Trump’s request to talk to him, and would like to discuss suing the internet over offensive memes. Trump’s reputation of suing when his feelings are hurt proceeds ...


Oil Spill Tax Imposed By Government To Increase Gas Prices By Over 1000%

May 22, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  Congress will be voting on new oil tax to help fund clean up costs, after the recent spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Almost 90,000 gallons of crude oil gushed from a Shell oil ...


George Clooney Comes Out; Wife Amal Clooney Visibly Upset At Premiere

May 21, 2016

LOS ANGELES, California -  Amal Clooney looked upset when her husband, George Clooney, came out to the Money Monster premier. “Georgie looked nice, but as usual he was out-shined by his wife. She was positively glowing. Of ...


Florida Conservative Group Says We Need To ‘Save The Mosquitos’

May 21, 2016

MIAMI, Florida -  As government leaders argue over funding the Zika control effort, environmentalists in Florida are campaigning to save the mosquitos. The Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) says the attempts to control the spread of the ...

Weird News

Convicted Murderer Says He ‘Wasn’t Beaten Enough’ As A Child

May 21, 2016

CONCORD, New Hampshire John Whitie, convicted of brutally murdering Bernadette Serra, a seventy year old woman, says the problem is that he was not disciplined as a child. He says if his father would have put ...


Johnson And Johnson May Go Bankrupt With Lawsuits

May 21, 2016

ATLANTA, Georgia - Johnson and Johnson is expected to go bankrupt once they are forced to settle the multiple class action suits have been brought against them. The company is accused of continuing to sell baby ...

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