Halloween 2015 Will Be 666th In History



This October 31st, trick-or-treaters have something a little more ghoulish and spooky to contend with than just ghosts, witches, and Frozen characters. This year’s Halloween will be the 666th in history, making it extra “hellish” for some.

666, which is widely recognized as the “number of the beast,” or the number representing Satan, is almost as unlucky or uncomfortable for some as the unlucky number 13. Many parents say that they are refusing to take their children out trick-or-treating this year, in fear of the Devil coming to take their children.

“This is an extra special Halloween, and one that I am truly terrified of,” said Jolene Myers, 38. Her sons, Dylan and Michael, both 8, have been begging her to let them go trick-or-treating this year dressed as football players, but Myers, so far, is refusing. “I have no desire to watch my only two boys get swallowed up by the demon Beelzebub. They will still be young enough to go out on the 667th Halloween, and this year, I’ll just buy them a couple bags of candy.”

According to historians who have completely made up the history of the holiday, the first Halloween, then known as Samhain, took place in 1350.

“Kids went out, door to door, asking for some sort of token or treat,” said Halloween historian Jack King. “If they did not receive a treat, then they would burn the house down with the residents inside, ‘tricking’ them into burning in hell. Obviously times have changed greatly, but this year, the 666th, is definitely going to bring on some truly heinous evil. The sprits of those burned alive in their homes will certainly be restless this year.”

Police say that they will be “extra vigilant” this year in watching for young children who will be out alone, and hope that everyone has a safe, albeit scary, holiday.



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