Man Files Lawsuit After Planet Fitness Revokes His Membership For Getting ‘Too Fit’



LOUISVILLE, Kentucky –

Jonathan Ragsdale, 32, of Louisville, Kentucky was greeted with a surprise last Monday morning when he walked in to his neighborhood Planet Fitness. He was told to hand in his membership card and was given an immediate refund. Why? Because management decided that Ragsdale simply had gotten “too fit” after losing over 100 pounds and building muscle mass comparable to a professional athlete, and by doing so he had become “visibly intimidating.” He then returned the favor by filing a lawsuit, claiming he maintained a “lunk-free attitude.”

Planet Fitness is a franchise fitness center which prides itself on maintaining an ‘intimidation-free and lunk-free atmosphere.’ The term ‘lunk’ is a word made up by Planet Fitness used to describe one who grunts, drops weights, and judges other members. In all of its fitness centers across the country, there is even a ‘lunk alarm’ that will go off if they believe a person is behaving in a lunky way.

Ragsdale’s lawyer, Jason “The Hammer” Volz says that his client in no way violated the organizations lunk-free code.

“Mr. Ragsdale showed up alone and worked out at this particular venue five times a week, in six months he lost over 100 pounds and now looks like The Rock. He always stayed quiet, never dropped weights, helped others when they needed help. Then last week he walks in and they immediately sound the Lunk Alarm, and revoked his membership, which embarrassed him, causing him to stop working out and to begin binge eating,” Volz told the Louisville Times. “Basically, they singled him out for looking too good, nowhere in their self-imposed terms of membership does it say you can be ousted and be considered a lunk based upon visual appearance only. It is ludicrous.”

In the last week since his membership was revoked, Ragsdale has reportedly gained back an astonishing 34 pounds. He is suing the company over the emotional distress of being referred to as a “lunk.”




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