New J.K. Rowling Book to Tell the Story of the Slow Death of Lord Voldemort’s Final Horcrux

New J.K. Rowling Book to Tell the Story of the Slow Death of Lord Voldemort’s Final Horcrux

LONDON, England – 

To the delight of millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, billionaire author JK Rowling has announced that she is working on yet another sequel to the hugely popular series. The next book, tentatively titled, The Final Years, will not however tell of the adventures of Harry and his friends.

“I decided to end the series quite definitively,” Rowling wrote to members of her fan site, Pottermore. “By telling of what happened 19 years later, I ensured that I could not be tempted into writing a further sequel. However, the fate of Voldemort’s final horcrux was never revealed, and that is what The Final Years will detail.”

Indeed, the termination of the horcrux’s existence was only hinted to in the chapter entitled King’s Cross Station. It appears as a deformed life-form, struggling to survive in limbo between life and death. Harry returns to the world of the living before the readers are told of its final demise.

“Many fans were left unsatisfied,” said UK publisher Bloomsbury. “We saw the demand for this revelatory story and, after much begging and pleading, persuaded Joanne [Rowling] to come out of her Harry Potter retirement for just one more book.”

Details have been released exclusively on Pottermore as to the basic plot outline which can be expected.

After Harry returns to the living world, the struggling horcrux is left alone with Dumbledore, the text reads. Dumbledore gives it one last pitying look, shakes his head in sadness, and is beamed up to heaven in a bright light. The horcrux is then left on its own, while the rest of Voldemort is killed in battle with Potter. It continues to whimper, alone and helpless, without a definite form, as no one arrives to take care of it, or even talk to it. In its years – centuries even – of slow demise, it goes through one final existential crisis, and we are given a close look as its breathing slows, its physical boundaries disappear, and it eventually dissolves into nothingness.

Pre-orders have already exceeded 13 million, in the half day since the news arrived, and are expected to reach the billion mark before the close of the week.



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