One Motorcycle Gang Member Dies During Rally; Convention Leader Says It’s ‘Better Than Last Year’


DENVER, Colorado – 

Two gang members were shot and one stabbed at a motorcycle convention being held at the National Wester Complex in Denver, Colorado this week. Police spokesman Sonny Jackson says a total of nine people were sent to hospitals with injuries, and there were many other men with minor injuries. One of the men died of his gunshot wounds after being admitted to a local hospital.

A bystander, whose identity was not released, says a fight took place between rival biker gangs. At this time, no arrests have been made.

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo Facebook page said this will not stop the event coming up next Sunday. Promoter Tracy Wesson says if they can keep it to only one dead and a mere nine injured, it will be more successful than last year. “There’s a lot of testosterone flying when you get these motorcycle clubs together. I try to make sure there are enough broads around to relieve some of the tensions, but there are bound to be fights. So far, we are doing a lot better than we did last year.”



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