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PETA Goes Directly To Source, Pays Poachers For Videos Of Animal Abuse

June 19, 2014

NORFOLK, Virginia -  PETA, also known as "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," has landed itself in some hot water today over allegations that the group has had their hand in poaching, dog fighting, and animal smuggling. Ingrid Newkirk, founder ...


CDC Blames Anti-Vaxxers For Massive Resurgence of Whooping Cough

June 18, 2014

LOS ANGELES, California -  Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, has made a hefty resurgence lately, infecting people on epidemic proportions.  Whooping cough, while not generally serious in adults, can be very deadly in infants and ...


Go Ask Allison: My Mother-in-Law Tried To Sleep With My Father At My Wedding

June 16, 2014

DEAR ALLISON, Sometimes I think my step-mother really holds me back from having any fun. If I ask her if it's okay to go to movies with friends, she won't let me unless I do something ...


Several Banks Looking To Impose Negative Interest Rates On Customers

June 16, 2014

NEW YORK CITY, New York -  Several national banks have begun looking into the possibility of charging a negative interest rate on all accounts, both check and savings, to all their accountholders. UE Bank, one of the nation's ...


Slenderman Research Shows Sightings Throughout History

June 15, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. -   Slenderman, a noted internet sensation, has lately become the subject of severe scrutiny, due to a rash of killings and attacks where the offender has blamed their actions on the supposedly fictional meme. In the past ...


Is A “Running Man” TV Show In Our Future?

June 15, 2014

The World Cup is underway in one of the most notorious countries in the world for sports based murders, Brazil.  The opening ceremonies were beautiful until they were scarred by riots and tear gas.  People ...


Alien Life-Form Discovered In Pennsylvania

June 14, 2014

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania-  Over the weekend of June 7th, an interesting discovery was made by Pittsburgh native Devon Shaffer, 28. Mr. Shaffer was emptying out the trash during his shift at the Pasta Too Restaurant in North ...


Woman Gives Birth, Confuses Doctors By Asking For Maternity Test

June 14, 2014

BILOXI, Mississippi -  A Biloxi woman gave birth to a baby boy late Friday evening, and confused doctors by immediately asking for a maternity test. Sarah Keller, 26, said that she didn't believe that she was ...

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