Paralympic Athlete Oscar Pistorius Loses Arm In Prison Attack

Paralympic Athlete Oscar Pistorius Loses Arm In Prison Attack


Lawyers for Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius, convicted of manslaughter in 2014, are furious after his right arm was reportedly cut off in a prison fight. The double leg amputee was sentenced to jail time having shot and killed his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Defense advocate Barry Roux vented his outrage at Judge Masipa’s “criminal incompetence.”

“We argued at sentencing that Oscar is not cut out – pardon the pun – for jail. Now it’s too late, and he’s lost a limb, a tragedy that he could never have prepared for.”

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, however, argued that this is the sort of thing that happens in prison. “He killed an innocent woman, and he has to pay like everyone else. Just because he is missing both his legs, doesn’t mean he should get automatic immunity from brutal rape by his fellow convicts, or from violent knife fights. Our justice system is run on equal and fair treatment, regardless of individual differences.”

Reeva’s family were reportedly delighted at the news, saying that although he was let off easy by the judge, he has finally paid in a more permanent manner.

“The Steenkamp family expresses its joy at the news of Oscar Pistorius’s amputation,” said family spokesman Hendrik Dewalt. “They finally have some measure of closure, which was lacking from the verdict of manslaughter.”

The Pistorius family hit back, saying that they will go back to court to sue the Steenkamp family for the return of Oscar’s arm.

“It’s only their public campaign that got him into jail in the first place,” said the runner’s brother Carl. “They made the six shots he fired at Reeva seem like some sort of malicious act, biasing the judge, the media, and everyone else involved. We’ll fight tooth and nail on this one, and this time we won’t rest until our brother and son’s limb is back where it should be. Attached to his shoulder.”



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