Second Giant Skull Washes Up On Beach In San Francisco, California

second skull

SAN FRANCISCO, California – 

In November, experts were baffled after a giant skull of an unknown creature washed ashore on the beaches of San Francisco, leaving many to wonder how it was possible that the creature had gone unnoticed for so long.

“This is not some prehistoric skull that washed ashore after millions of years tumbling under the waves,” said research scientist Anthony Moore back in January when the first skull was found. “This is a creature that died only a short while ago, probably within the last 2 years. It’s mind-boggling that there could be a creature out there of this size, and no one had seen it previously.”

On Monday, a second skull washed ashore, just 3 miles down the coast from the original finding. Experts say they are still conducting studies to determine the origins of the skulls. Public interest has been at an all-time high after the announcement was made by the California Coast Guard of Monday’s findings.

“We are extremely excited, although slightly terrified, that these skulls continue to was ashore,” said Marine Biologist Joel Gluck. “As we mentioned back in November, these creatures are going unnoticed in our waters, and dying, and washing ashore. Based on their size, they could level a killer whale if need be, so we’re extremely interested in determining its methods of staying undetected.”

The Coast Guards warns that if more skulls continue to appear, they may be forced to close the beaches for an undetermined amount of time, until it is cleared for safety reasons.



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